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7 out of 10 shoes I bought online are defective…Return cost of paired sneakers 60,000 won

7 out of 10 shoes I bought online are defective...Return cost of paired sneakers 60,000 won
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Person A in her 50s purchased a pair of luxury sandals for 1.12 million won at an online shopping mall in February. When the sandals arrived two days later and the size did not fit, I immediately requested a return from the seller.

The seller refused to return the sandals, saying, “The sandals were damaged by the shoes.”

#B, a woman in her 20s, bought two pairs of shoes online for 218,000 won.

She received the shipment a week later, but it didn’t fit her feet. The seller refused to return the product as it was made-to-order.

Mr. B said she “didn’t actually measure her feet and send them in, only chose the size and color options offered by the seller,” she pleaded, but to no avail.

Mr. C, who is the same age as Mr. B, also suffered absurdity.

The heel heights of the 215,000 won sneakers purchased online in September last year were different.

When I asked for a refund, the seller demanded a return fee of 60,000 won.

Caution is required as there are numerous cases of shoes being purchased online and damaged within three months or by requesting a return fee of 60,000 won for defective products.

In the past six months (January to June), the Korea Consumer Agency has received a total of 924 claims for damage relief related to ‘shoes purchased through e-commerce’, most of them due to product defects.

Most of the disputes occurred within three months from the date of purchase, when consumers complained about quality.

After 3 months, the shoe upper was damaged or the logo fell off.

Defect-related disputes occurred in 7 out of 10 shoes (74.8%) purchased online.

The highest number of consultation cases was quality, accounting for 49.8% (460 cases), accounting for nearly half.

Defects actually existed in 77.3% (344 colors) of defective products.

As a result of analysis of 445 pairs of defective products by the Footwear Product Review Committee of the Consumer Agency, most of the shoes were found to be easily damaged or defective in processing, adhesion, or materials.

25% (97 cases) of ‘refusal to withdraw subscription (388 cases)’, the second most frequent shoe-related dispute, were also ‘defect disputes’.

Even if you receive defective shoes, it is difficult to get your money back.

Among the ‘subscription rejection cases’, about 70% of cases refused to withdraw the subscription even in cases of simple change of mind, such as an error in size or raising an objection at the same time as receiving the product.

According to the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc. (hereinafter referred to as the Electronic Commerce Act), even in the case of a simple change of mind, the subscription can be withdrawn within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product.

It is stipulated that the contract may be withdrawn within three months from the date of receipt of the goods or within one month from the date on which the fact is known.

Contrary to the regulations in the E-Commerce Act, it was also revealed that sellers refused to withdraw their subscriptions for various reasons or demanded excessive shipping costs.

As a result of the investigation by the Consumer Agency, 19.6% (101 cases) of consumers were refused to withdraw their subscription due to signs of ignition, damage to the box, or ‘made-to-order’ that was not in the contract.

The Consumer Agency urged them to carefully check the contract details before purchase, check for defects after receipt, and keep the relevant evidence.

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