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Xin Trend·Fashion Collection-Xinji Leather Fur Live Festival will be grandly opened soon!

On July 8, hosted by Xinji City Government and jointly organized by Hebei Xinji Economic Development Zone, Xinji City E-commerce Public Service Center, Ali Digital Village, Wujie Group, Xinji City Industrial Design Innovation Center, 2021 “Xinji Trend·Fashion Collection” Xinji The Leather Fur Live Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Live Festival) will be grandly opened in Xinji International Leather City.

On the occasion of the 2021 China (Xinji) International Fur Fashion Expo and Xinji International Leather and Fur Fashion Week, the People’s Government of Xinji City hosted this live festival event to showcase the achievements of the Xinji Digital Village Project and the digital transformation of the Xinji leather industry Looking forward to the future, at the same time, it will further promote the development of Xinji leather e-commerce, promote brand upgrading, enhance the competitive advantage, and improve the new brand image of Xinji Leather Fur.

The live festival will set up an exclusive exhibition area of ​​”Xinji Leather & Fur·Alibaba Digital Village”, which will be divided into three parts to focus on displaying the contents of Alibaba’s digital village project in recent years, including the development plan of Xinji leather and fur, the display of incubation training activities and the details of the digital village project.

The exhibition area will focus on introducing the overall plan of the Ali Digital Village Project for the development of Xinji leather and fur to all visitors, and make a long-term plan for the future development direction on the existing basis.

The live broadcast festival will be dedicated to displaying the historical achievements of the project, clarifying more than a hundred online and offline public service activities completed by the Xinji Public Service Center, the opening of anchor accounts, one-on-one tutoring and incubating e-commerce sales.

At the same time, I will introduce to you the specific information of the relevant units of the Digital Village Project, including the Xinji City Government, Economic Development Zone, Ali Digital Village, Wujie Group and other units, and provide resources and empowerment for the live broadcast festival from an authoritative and professional perspective. The construction of the above exhibition areas will also enhance the confidence and expectation of the general public and enterprises in the future development of Xinji Leather & Fur Digital Village.

This event will invite 5 anchors from Taobao platform such as “Jiyouhaowu” and “Yikela Fur Shop”. The anchor will cooperate with Xinji local leather fur companies to live broadcast more than 40 high-quality leather fur products. Lieutenant General promotes Xinji leather and fur culture and corporate brand, carries out product promotion and off-season sales, and creates a promotional atmosphere. There will also be a large number of preferential activities and benefits. Please pay more attention to it and buy your favorite products.

This live broadcast festival will continue to promote the work of Xinji’s e-commerce public service system, further enhance the brand influence and market share of the Xinji leather and fur industry, and enhance the industry’s in-depth development capabilities.

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