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Aletti, four prototypes under development

Aletti, four prototypes under development

ALETTI, an industry from Varese, confirms its leadership with its highly technological machinery, which is also appreciated and in great demand in other sectors

“We currently have four prototypes under development in the workshop, two of which are in the leather sector”. This is the anticipation of engineer Marco Aletti, president of the board of directors of ALETTI GIOVANNI & FIGLI of Varese, an industry with 74 years of experience (it was founded in 1947) in the tanning sector, where it is a leader with its highly technological machinery. , also in great demand in other sectors, including textiles, microfibre, rubber, cork and synthetic products. Engineer Aletti was an exhibitor at the Tanning Tech Show in Milan in the second half of September and then participated with his brand at the ProssimaPelle event held on 29 October in Arzignano.

“These prototypes – said the president Aletti – have already been tested and have responded positively to the project expectations, but after the experiences of the recent past, before giving the official status, we are waiting to have the patent in hand to present them on the market, where we are convinced they will have great success, thanks to the decidedly innovative content. We specialize in special machines and fortunately we also have work for the first half of 2022. We have always invested great energy and money in research, we have also done so in the last two years affected by the health pandemic. We are confident for the future and, also thanks to the facilities related to Industry 4.0, we will close 2021 with a positive balance”.

On the other hand, external scenarios are worrying, not just economic ones. “To be penalized – he adds – is above all those who export a lot, for the additional expenses related to travel and business trips, but also for the increase in the costs of raw materials. Another generalized problem and even more worrying in perspective, as it cannot be solved within a few years, is linked to the lack of skilled and unskilled labor. Fortunately, we have a well-trained workforce in the company, which is historic, but in perspective when there is a generational change it will be a very serious problem. We are working intensively in the design phase to simplify the processing and assembly of our machines in order to use less and less qualified workers, while maintaining the quality of our products unchanged, turning to specialized external suppliers, fortunately present in our area, for the realization of the details. with high technological content “.

“As far as the Milan Fair is concerned – concludes Aletti – it was important to be there, because we were able to meet with colleagues, exchange opinions after a necessarily long time in which it was not possible to do so. In this way we were able to share the problems that are heavily penalizing the tanning sector, but certainly others as well. It was essential to restart, although then, also due to some organizational flaws and the influx, as expected, lower than that of the previous pre-pandemic editions, the results were not entirely satisfactory “.

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