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Because of this production line, Wenzhou shoe companies are more daring to grab orders

Because of this production line, Wenzhou shoe companies are more daring to grab orders
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A few days ago, in the shoe design and intelligent manufacturing U Valley of the Shoe Capital Industrial Park in Lucheng District, Wenzhou City (China), a production line being debugged made shoe industry practitioners say that with this production line, shoe companies are more confident in grabbing orders. , This production line is the shared smart workshop production line; it is understood that Xu Wenjie, a shoe industry practitioner who visited this shared smart workshop production line for debugging, said: “With this production line, I dare to accept small batches of personalized orders that I didn’t dare to receive in the past. Up.”

Regarding the completion of this shared intelligent workshop production line in the industrial park, Chen Qixian, director of the Wenzhou Research Institute of China Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute, explained, “As many shoe companies are gradually shifting to the domestic market from foreign trade processing, there were tens of thousands of pairs in the past. There are fewer orders for the same style, and more fragmented orders for different styles.” In this case, the traditional workshop production methods suitable for large quantities of the same shoe products in the past cannot meet the needs of current orders; in traditional workshops, To carry out the production of orders of different styles, it takes a long time to debug the production machine; compared with the traditional workshop, the machine in the shared intelligent workshop has a shorter debugging time and high production efficiency; while solving the urgent needs of some shoe companies, it also gives traditional The renovation and upgrading of the workshop set a good example.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. It is understood that Wenzhou, as the “Chinese shoe capital”, has been accelerating the promotion of economic and information, commerce, development and reform and other departments in Lucheng District, Wenzhou since 2021. The traditional shoe industry is upgraded to high-end, chain-based development, and intelligent transformation, supporting or perfecting the provincial footwear industry innovation service complex for the park, the shoe leather industry research institute of Sichuan University, shoe design and intelligent manufacturing U Valley, etc. Technology innovation platform; on the other hand, matchmaking creates conditions for shoe companies to “call” for orders.

The shoe design and intelligent manufacturing of the Lucheng District (China) Shoe Capital Industrial Park, as the public service platform of Wenzhou’s “China Shoe Capital”, U Valley not only creates a shared intelligent workshop, but also provides a shared designer team and new Many resources such as material library and data laboratory have further promoted the rapid development of digitization and intelligence of Wenzhou shoe companies.

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