Main tasks:

The main responsibilities of the Economic Coordinator are:

  • Checks and issues invoices for payment.
  • Tracks and protects the costs of entrusted budgets.
  • Organizes the provision of necessary for the operation of the warehouse inventory (analyzes and determines the needs for logistics and office maintenance, plans for medicines, stationery, food, household goods, consumables, etc .; checks the availability of stationery, household goods, products food and consumables).
  • Provides storage of inventory (stationery, consumables, etc.) necessary for the operation of the warehouse, organizes the accounting and issuance of items and means of labor to employees of the warehouse.
  • Analyzes offers, price structure, discount systems; provides placement of the order at suppliers.
  • Organizes the execution of the necessary documents for the conclusion of contracts for the provision of services and provision of goods.
  • Monitors the fulfillment of obligations under contracts, the quality of services and goods
  • Organizes new jobs for employees.
  • Participates in the organization and monitors activities aimed at ensuring the protection of the warehouse complex
  • Provides preparation and the organization of work, checks sanitary conditions of work in rooms of a warehouse (lighting, ventilation, a temperature mode, etc.).
  • Orders and keeps records of lunches for warehouse staff.
  • Participates in the development of plans for current and major repairs of the warehouse.
  • Records all repairs performed at the Distribution Center
  • Orders passes for warehouse employees.
  • Orders a form.
  • Organizes the transfer of employees to the place of work
  • Interacts with the landlord
  • Ensures the operational availability of warehouse equipment available at the Distribution Center.
  • Ensures compliance with the norms and requirements for the operation of warehouse equipment, equipment for storage of inventory.
  • Monitors the work of the security service.
  • Manages and controls the implementation of the necessary measures for safety, labor protection.
  • Monitors employees’ compliance with fire safety rules and regulations.
  • Organizes and conducts work to improve the technical knowledge of subordinates.
  • At the request of management performs other work related to work in this area

Requirements for candidates:

The economic coordinator should know:

– The device of a warehouse and principles of its zoning.

-Fundamentals of management documentation and basics of office work.

-Distribution Center policies and procedures;

-Features of drawing up, types and structure of the text of documents.

-Principles of the organization of supply of a warehouse.

-Requirements of the legislation to economic contracts and the order of their conclusion.

-Fundamentals of accounting.

-Business etiquette.

-Technical equipment of a warehouse.

-Rules for using office equipment.

-Rules of internal labor regulations.

-Fundamentals of labor legislation.

-Rules and norms of labor protection, safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection.

– work in Ariba, GCM systems,

– a confident user of MS Office

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