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Corichem is Gold Sponsor of the III Eurocongress IULTCS 2022

Corichem is Gold Sponsor of the III Eurocongress IULTCS 2022

CORICHEM SRL is the GOLD sponsor company of the III IULTCS EuroCongress Vicenza 2022

It is our pleasure and honour to welcome CORICHEM SRL as a GOLD sponsor of the III IULTCS Eurocongress, which will take place in Vicenza next September 2022.

This company, which produces and trades chemicals and dyes for companies in the tanning sector, are equipped with complete laboratories, aimed at both experimentation and improving the quality of leather manufacturing.

Making use of a qualified Research & Development laboratory, Corichem is constantly engaged in studying new products from renewable sources, easily biodegradable, characterised by a high technological content and a reduced environmental impact for each stage of the leather manufacturing, from the treatment of the raw material to the finished product.

The ILUTCS International Conference will allow you to explore the future of leather technology, presenting its current technical and scientific developments; for this reason this will certainly be an interesting moment for Corichem Srl and a chance for the company to play a leading role.

The CEO Pierluigi Braggion stated in this regard: “Corichem is a company that pays close attention to customer demands and has always pursued an industrial model that tends to enhance the life of products introduced in the market, reducing the concept of waste through a path of use and reuse of existing resources by the means of a conscious research and design of its production cycle.
This approach, strongly linked to innovation and experimentation, makes Corichem a company focused on perfecting its skills, to make them available to the customers as an added value of its products. We are therefore pleased to take part in the IULTCS Eurocongress, which will deal with important issues such as the development of new technologies and low environmental impact products for leather manufacturing”.

So a warm ‘welcome aboard’ to CORICHEM SRL!

Discover more on https://www.corichem.it
Do you also want to become a sponsor of IULTCS Eurocongress 2022?
You can find the contacts that you need at the link https://www.iultcs2022italy.org/sponsor/

-By III IULTCS EuroCongress Vicenza 2022

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