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Cromogenia presents a range of bisphenol-free retaining agents

Cromogenia presents a range of bisphenol-free retaining agents

The commitment to sustainability, respect for our environment, caring for people, cleaner technologies… in short, for more sustainable and environmentally sensitive products and processes is, without a doubt, the path that we have been following for decades. Cromogenia Units decided to take and that today, more than ever, continues to defend.

Proof of this is that it has dedicated its R&D efforts to improving processes and obtaining products that meet high quality standards, that adapt to the needs of its customers, while being sustainable and more eco-friendly and that meet with the requirements of toxic substances such as bisphenols.

XL range, bisphenol-free retanning agent
Bisphenol-free retanning Retanal XLIn this sense, the Cromogenia Units division has designed a range of XL RANGE retanning products, with bisphenol S and F not detectable in leather. This range is made up of several products with which articles for clothing, leather goods or upholstery are obtained free of bisphenols.

The innovative XL RANGE of retanning products, with a high biomass content, takes another step towards sustainability and respect for the environment in the leather industry.

Eight decades of research and quality
Cromogenia Units, which celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2022, is a chemical company with a long history in tanning that is characterized by the quality of its products, commitment to the environment and specialized attention to its customers.

In recent years, Cromogenia has demonstrated its commitment to the environment by investigating various fields, and not only in the tanning division, but in all the company’s divisions, to achieve a greener and more environmentally friendly chemistry. Because “the path of chemistry is sustainability” is the motto that governs each of the divisions and, especially, that of Tanning.

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