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El Canto, the first local shoe brand to enter Amazon.com

El Canto, the first local shoe brand to enter Amazon.com
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El Canto announced on the 21st that it will enter the overseas market in earnest by supplying more items and specifications after entering the Amazon.com store for the first time as a local shoe brand.

El Canto was the first Korean shoemaker to enter the store on Amazon.com in April.

Reflecting the results of the demand response monitoring, the company plans to start supplying multi-variety and multi-standard products from August.

El Canto has been looking at customer responses, starting with men’s natural cowhide slip-ons in April and men’s driving loafers in May.

In particular, among the customer responses, there were many inquiries about the production of larger sizes, such as ‘Is there any size larger than the US 9.5 standard (275mm in Korean)?’ and ‘I have a wide foot, what size should I order?’.

El Canto went through the preparation process in August and decided to expand the range of options to 250-300mm for men and 230-260mm for women’s shoes as early as September.

In anticipation of an influx of K-pop global fans, El Canto has placed photos and videos of ‘Brave Girls’ on Amazon.com’s El Canto store.

Unlike other sellers on Amazon who introduce products with 2-3 lines of brief description or 1-2 photos, they tried to convey a lot of information, such as adding a brand introduction video or ignition video.

Jung Nak-gyun, CEO of El Canto, said, “With the growing international interest and popularity of the Korean Wave, we are the first domestic shoe industry to enter the overseas market. We will try to imprint El Canto as a brand.”

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