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Expo Dubai: Portugal pavilion has already received 300,000 visits

Expo Dubai: Portugal pavilion has already received 300,000 visits

Commissioner-General takes a very positive note of the first three months

The commissioner-general of Portugal for Expo Dubai makes a “very positive assessment” of the presence of Portugal in the Duba world exhibition”. In an interview with Lusa, Luís Castro Henriques states that the pavilion has already received more than 300 thousand visitors.” ‘ that we’ve had from visitors is very interesting, because not only is the immersive component impressive, but also the personalized part.”

Castro Henriques, also president of AICEP, guarantees that visitors leave the Portugal Pavilion saying: “Ah, funny, I learned something about Portugal that I wasn’t expecting”.

For the official, this shows “a lot of interest, especially from people who have never visited Portugal” and who, after being at the Portugal Pavilion, express their intention to visit the country.

Expo 2020 Dubai started in October 2021. “We had three full months of activities, we had several themed weeks, we had several artists, from musical moments, we also have a set of decorative pieces in the pavilion of several artists”, among which the Joana Vasconcelos, “which, in fact, surprise people, people like it”, she emphasizes. “We have also had a lot of demand and many visits to the store, the appeal to good Portuguese products”, points out the commissioner-general.

Recently, the Pavilion was flooded due to the intense rains that were felt in Dubai. But the situation “is completely resolved. There was a very big and unexpected storm, much bigger than expected, and that affected the electrical system”, explains Luís Castro Henriques.

With the motto “Portugal, one world in one country”, the Portugal Pavilion has an area of ​​1,800 square meters. Iconic motifs of Portugal are portrayed in the space, such as the Portuguese pavement, cork chairs and lamps, tiles, a terrace with olive trees and a ‘concept store’, which aims to be a transactional ’embassy’ for the promotion of Portuguese brands and products, with more than 170 distinctive products.

It is recalled that the uniforms of the entire pavilion staff had the participation of 11 national footwear, leather goods and clothing companies. Belcinto and Carité from the footwear and leather goods sector joined the textile and clothing companies Calvelex, Lameirinho, Triple Marfel, Paulo de Oliveira, Polopiqué, Riopele, Trotinete, Twintex and Vandoma to develop and produce the teams’ uniforms.

The pavilion, which is inspired by a caravel, is a project resulting from a partnership between Grupo Casais and the Saraiva + Associados studio, and is located in the sustainability district of Expo, one of the three thematic areas.

Expo Dubai, which ends on March 31, is the first major mega event since the beginning of the pandemic, where 25 million visitors are expected. It gathers more than 200 participants, including 192 countries, as well as multilateral organizations, companies and educational establishments during 182 days.

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