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First technical meeting of Curtidos for 2022

First technical meeting of Curtidos for 2022

Sustainability and new developments in finishes and the wet process have been the main topics of the technical meeting organized by the Tanning Division on January 11. This first technical meeting of 2022, in which technicians from all over Spain participate, has been carried out online, as a preventive measure, taking into account the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic that we are still experiencing.

Studies and products to improve the sustainability of tanning

In this online meeting, a study of tanning and retanning with RETANAL ZR, a product based on zeolites, was presented, as well as an analysis of the life cycle of different sustainable products compared to standard products.

In terms of products, the XL RANGE, free of bisphene S and F, has been one of the most applauded novelties, together with the new range of bio polyurethanes, products that are more sustainable than standard polyurethanes.

With these technical meetings, the Tanning Division shows the latest advances in research and development of products and processes in which they are working. Always with clear objectives: to achieve more sustainable processes and products that meet the highest quality standards and meet customer needs.

In 2022, the Cromogenia Tanning Division celebrates 80 years since its creation and always working on the path towards sustainability.

|Source: Online/KSU

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