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How to preserve animal skin?

How to preserve animal skin?
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Leather is a very valuable product. The country earns a lot of foreign exchange every year by exporting these products. But due to lack of proper maintenance, a lot of skin is lost every year. A few days later, Eid al-Adha. The animal skins collected at this time are one of the sources of raw leather in the leather industry of Bangladesh. Many skins are lost due to skinning by unskilled manpower, and collection by unskilled manpower. According to the Bangladesh Hide and Skin Merchant Association, an association of raw leather stockists, about Tk 300 crore worth of leather is wasted every year. If processed, the value of which will be around Tk. 1 thousand crore. So let’s not know how to preserve the skin or raw leather.

Skin Preservation Rules:
It is important to choose skilled people for sacrificing and skinning.

  1. After slaughtering, it is easy to skin the animal by tying it to a strong pole and hanging it. The skin should be lightly gently pulled down with a sharp knife from the slaughter mark tied to the poles.
  2. After removing the skin, remove the blood and fat as soon as possible. Otherwise, the skin is likely to rot due to bacterial attack. Rinse the skin well with clean water and leave it in the light sun to get rid of water.
  3. Do not pull the skin from one place to another.
  4. If it cannot be sold within three to four hours of peeling, it should be stored quickly.
  5. The easiest way to preserve the skin with salt. To preserve, you need to understand the skin type and apply salt. Salt is usually used at the rate of twenty percent of the skin weight. In other words, if the weight of the skin is 15 to 20 kg, salt should be used for 3 to 4 kg. Spreading salt on the skin removes water and bacteria from the skin. Then the skin is folded well. If there is not enough salt, the skin can be preserved for a while with the help of a mixture of salt and water.
  6. You can also store the skin by drying it in the sun. The skin can be dried in the sun by spreading it in the open or hanging it with wire. However, prolonged exposure to the sun often results in poor skin quality. So the salt method is the safest.
  7. You can also store skin in the cold storage. Tanneries usually have cold storage for storing leather. Animal skin is stored there with the help of antibacterial chemicals.

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