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Mazda and Mizuno collaborate to launch limited-edition driving shoes

Mazda and Mizuno collaborate to launch limited-edition driving shoes
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In recent years, more and more auto brands have tried cross-border cooperation to attract audiences in different fields to increase brand awareness. Recently, Mazda and Mizuno have cooperated to release a driving shoe that allows the human body to experience more driving pleasure on Makuake, one of the well-known crowdfunding platforms in Japan.

The two companies, Mizuno, who is good at making shoes, and Mazda, who pursues driving pleasure, have been carrying out technical exchanges since 2015 in line with the “people-oriented” manufacturing philosophy. Now the two sides hit it off instantly, showing the driving pleasure of the unity of man and vehicle, and jointly developed this pair of “driving boots”. It is said that wearing these shoes, the driver can experience an unprecedented operating experience, as if the feet are communicating with the car.

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Under the concept of “communication with cars”, this pair of shoes can provide three technical features of foot information transmission, foot assist support and heel support stability. It can be said that it is a pair of boots designed for users who love to drive. Wearing it will make driving more relaxed, while also taking into account the comfort of daily walking.

The driving shoes are made of more elastic material around the ankle. The high resilience of the material allows the driver to give an upward reaction force when raising the foot, helping the ankle to stretch, and it will be Feel more calm and effortless. It is this technology that allows the driver to feel more precise when controlling the pedal.

The shoe also uses the MIZUNO COB technology that Mizuno originally used on its training shoes to improve the athlete’s balance and reaction capabilities. Driving shoes incorporating MIZUNO COB technology can increase the sensitivity of the soles of the feet. The evenly distributed uneven design on the insole can bring more accurate information feedback when the driver steps on the clutch, brake and accelerator pedal, and the cushion structure of the sole is also sufficient to ensure a comfortable foot feel.

At present, Mazda is opening the pre-sale of this driving shoe in cooperation with Mizuno on the Makuake crowdfunding platform. This driving shoe is only available in a gray and black color scheme. The shoe size is 24.5 to 28cm (39 to 44 size), and the price is limited to 600 pairs. It is 39,600 yen (approximately 2311 yuan), and the top 100 and 400 pre-ordered users can enjoy different discounted prices. It is now scheduled to ship in March 2022, but the delivery destination is only in Japan. I am afraid that it will be required again. Ushered in a wave of fried shoes fever.

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