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Nike’s “Unexplored Concept” has lined up hundreds of 2,000 confirmers in the city

Nike's "Unexplored Concept" has lined up hundreds of 2,000 confirmers in the city

Nike, a leading global sports brand, has been presenting futuristic stores in Myeongdong on December 12. Nike Seoul, which connects sports, cities and consumers through innovative digital experiences, has entered the existing H&M building in Snow Square, Myeongdong, Seoul.

However, on the day of the Nike Seoul opening, Myeongdong became an asura venue. The line, which began at the entrance to a Nike Seoul store, turned around an alley and led across the street to Lotte Department Store on the boulevard.

Hundreds of people lined up and participated in an open-run (running to the store in time for opening time) to enter the Nike Seoul store, where they were “camping” from dawn.

Nike Seoul is the world’s first new store to introduce the world’s first proprietary digital platform, Sport Pulse. The work at Nike was huge, and of course, it could look good from the first day of opening.

However, nike’s intensifying fourth spread of COVID-19 has prioritized the brand’s interests even as the number of confirmed characters exceeds 2,000 every day. Nike has implemented a timely reservation system to control the number of visitors entering the store.

But that didn’t stop people from gravitating. On the day of the Nike Seoul Open, Nike enthusiasts expected to wear sneakers that were not available at other stores and ran a big open run to save the product.

Even the fight broke out at the store because staff had prevented them from buying certain sneakers on the day. As the castle was coming and going, the staff tried to calm the angry customer, but they were in a lack of power. The store became a north bird as customers battled to buy each other first. View more.

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