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Press release on the Assomac Assembly 2021  

Press release on the Assomac Assembly 2021  


  • In 2020 the sector produces €440 million (70% export), with a trade balance of €284.2 million.
  • President Maria Vittoria Brustia: “Ready to start again and face the green&digital transition challenge”.
  • Taking part in the event: Minister of Regional Affairs and autonomies Mariastella Gelmini, Assolombarda Association President Alessandro Spada, and OTB Group’s President Renzo Rosso.

It was held on Friday 5th November 2021, at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, the Yearly Assembly of Assomac, the Association of manufacturers of technologies for footwear, leathergoods and tannery.
The event, as a confrontational occasion between enterprises and institutions to trace future scenarios of the footwear, leathergoods and tannery economy, reserved a certain attention to the main challenges that the sector is facing today: Green&Digital Transition in productive processes.
The industry report, cured by Assomac, revealed some of the main indicators of the industry: Italian manufacturers of machines for tannery, footwear and leathergoods keep an overall production of €440 million, with an export value of 70% of production and a trade balance of €284.2 million. Sectorial workers are about 4000.

The assembly has been a meeting opportunity to discuss priorities and measures supporting the industry development and promote a high-level dialogue related to the productive chain.
The associates and guests were welcome by Maria Vittoria Brustia, Assomac’s President, and Alessandro Spada, Assolombarda’s President. Following, Mariastella Gelmini, minister of Regional Affairs and autonomies, spoke via video link, and Renzo Rosso, OTB Group’s President and Confindustria delegate for Excellency, Beauty and Taste of Italian Brands, sent a video message directed to Assomac, and all the guests of the Assembly.
The Round Table saw a discussion between Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè (SDA Bocconi Professor), Ercole Botto Poala (Vicepresident of Confindustria Moda), Elenia Duce (Head of Innovation, Sustainability & Innovation of RINA), Stefano Gelsomini (COO Pasubio Tannery), Cristian Locatelli (ACIMIT Vicepresident) and Gianmarco Senna, Lombardy Region’s Productive Activities Commission President. With the role of moderator, Assomac has invited Fabio Savelli, journalist for the daily newspaper Corriere della Sera. Institutional presences at the Assembly included Honourable Erica Mazzetti and Honourable Marco Osnato.

Maria Vittoria Brustia, Assomac President, declared: “Over this complicated period, we did not stop, and we continued evolving. As an engineer, I would like to underline how we cannot talk about resilience as a simple act of going back to an original state: change is irreversible. Although, an alternative plan is possible: the plan for Change and Share, concepts that will be our guides for the future. Therefore, during my very first Assembly in the role of President, we have discussed with the Fashion Industry about the transition we will have to put in place, that is based on two central points: digital and sustainable, as firm starting points. Because global challenges require shared responses, indeed, firm and fast”.

“The manufacturing system represent the heart of our territory and Country – stated Alessandro Spada, President of Assolombarda-. Thanks to our industry’s strength, and ability to adapt to great global challenges, we are still in the game, and, today, data talks about a growth greater than expectations. Today, we are facing a double challenge: green transition and digital transition of productive processes. They are both linked a very sensitive theme for our companies, the one of competences; without them, we will not be able to fully get advantage of opportunities linked to digitalization and sustainability. In this direction, the Budget Law 2022 extends the tax credit for capital goods to 2025: a good sign for our companies, that could then budget and plan investments in innovation and digitalization with stability through time. At the condition of a stable impact of the measure. Furthermore, it is necessary to reinstall the Patent box, as a regime that rewards income linked to intangible assets; the recent tax decreet, completely distorted it, instead, transforming it into a new measure based on a super-deduction of research and development costs”.

Renzo Rosso, OTB Group’s President and Confindustria delegate for Excellency, Beauty and Taste of Italian Brands, said: “A great part of luxury production happens in Italy with 70% of the revenue of luxury brands coming from accessories: bags, shoes, leather. This fact alone should be enough to show the importance of this Assembly. It is fundamental that the Fashion Industry cooperates to add value to Made in Italy and our supply chain, focusing on innovation and sustainability. This is what I am trying to achieve with my new delegate role for Confindustria: promote Italian beauty and excellency. I am convinced that with all of the resources we have available, we could become one of the most important Countries in the future world”.

Mariasella Gelmini, Minister of Regional Affairs and autonomies, said: “I have been following textile and fashion themes for quite some time, particularly during the pick of pandemic, and I will keep on doing it, indeed. During the next few months, to properly start again, the manoeuvre approved by the Council of Ministers will be fundamental and will now start its journey through the Parliament: it will be an expansive budget law that will focus on cutting taxes, in order to lead the way towards the growth and support of companies. Side by side, we will have to implement the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience on schedule, thanks to the reforms non-renewable that our Country has been waiting for, for too long now. Launching measures will be fundamental to include categories and associations of manufacturers that, having a privileged observatory, will gain the duty of providing information to implement tools useful for companies to start growing again”.

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