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Press Release: Silvateam Joins SLF – Leather and Footwear News
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Press Release: Silvateam Joins SLF

Press Release: Silvateam Joins SLF

Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF) is delighted to welcome Silvateam as a Contributing Partner!

Deborah Taylor, Managing Director of SLF, commented “Silvateam are another great example of an organisation that is driven to protect the long-term sustainability of the leather industry and we are really looking forward to having this forward-thinking team supporting the work of the Foundation, both through partnership and also through provision of expertise and input.

We are about to embark on the next phase of our Transparency Dashboard evolution – giving visibility to the good work of the Chemical Companies in our industry. Silvateam will be one of the companies that will be working on this development with us. It is really important for the Foundation that our Dashboards are representative of the industry needs and expectations. We know that Chemical Companies take their responsibility very seriously but as yet there is nowhere for them to proactively showcase their performance and certification when it comes to environmental, social and governance responsibility”.

Alessandra Taccon, Silvateam’s Project Director for their Ecotan solutions, added: “In an age in which depletion of resources is a major issue, we at Silvateam are continuously challenging ourselves with the development of truly innovative and eco-friendly technologies that can positively impact the planet and our lives. With this idea in mind, we have engineered a fully sustainable and biocircular tanning concept – Ecotan – that aggregates additional value to the properties of leather, thereby making it a nature-inspired, healthy and recyclable material”.

The partnership with SLF will trigger new opportunities to enhance the green culture of our industry and inspire the next steps in leather making while continuously improving our tanning formulations. The main goals of our Ecotan strategy are the constant reduction of the environmental impact of our innovations and the ever-growing protection of human’s health testified by the metal-free and bisphenol-free recipes developed by Silvateam”.

Silvateam, established in 1854, is passionate about plant-based extracts for leather tanning. The company are world leading when it comes to natural, sustainable products that support a wide range of other applications in addition to leather, such as animal health, food and wine and other industrial uses.

SLF’s Transparency Dashboard™ and Accessible, Inclusive, Modular (A.I.M.) approach to certification alleviates duplication of effort, by first recognising any existing certifications and mapping them onto the Dashboard before then evaluating any gaps in performance or certification. Putting the emphasis on meeting a required standard instead of who the provider is, makes it a more equitable and accessible model that gives brands and other value chain customers a real methodology for creating strong partnerships with their suppliers both now and into the future.

In addition to the development of the Chemical Company Dashboard, and alongside the already up and running Tannery Dashboard, SLF are also beginning the work on Dashboards for the Machinery Companies, Traders / Agents and Product Manufacturers. Future development will include effluent treatment plants, slaughterhouse/meatpacking facilities and farms.

To learn more about the Foundation’s non-profit work and how you can join us, please contact: info@sustainableleatherfoundation.com or visit the website: www.sustainableleatherfoundation.com
To learn more about Silvateam and the Ecotan project please contact: info@silvateam.com and/ or visit the websites: www.silvateam.com and www.ecotanleather.com.

|Source: Email/KSU

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