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PUMA celebrates its 2021 Design Sprint

PUMA celebrates its 2021 Design Sprint
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12 students of the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit were picked by the Department Chairs to attend the PUMA Design Sprint challenge. The participants had the chance to win an exclusive internship. The jury consisted of PUMA’s Creative Director Run/Train, Thom Gridley, Senior Team Head of Footwear Design Run-Train-Studio Chris Vella, Nicole Januszewski, Senior Team Head of Footwear Color & Material Design of Run-Train-Studio and Melissa Tvirbutas, Global Head of Color and Material Design. They tasked participants with creating a new Women’s Training Shoe Concept under internal design mantra called CR8 4 Her. The winners were selected on two criteria: 40% portfolio and 60% based on the originality of the concept, the quality of the presentation and sketches.

We asked one of the winners, William Fairnington, about…

What did the PUMA Design Sprint mean to you?
William: The Puma CR8 4HER Design Sprint challenged the way I approach my design process while allowing myself to display what I could accomplish in a short period of time. The adrenalin obtained through this fast pace environment was exhilarating and provided a design experience like no other. I look forward to approaching more of my work with this fast pace mindset as it forced me to become fearless in my decision-making and design choices.  

Knowing the PUMA Brand, what inspired you during the process?
William: The inherently competitive nature portrayed through PUMA drove me to put everything I had into this design sprint. I didn’t want to leave anything on the table nor regret limiting myself in any way. This fearless drive pushed me to perform at my highest level as there wasn’t any room for mistakes. This same attitude runs strong through the PUMA brand and is what sets PUMA products apart from the rest. Find more.

|Source:  Online/KSU

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