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RelcaSil™ building blocks for elastomer coatings and adhesives

RelcaSil™ building blocks for elastomer coatings and adhesives

Coating properties for automotive application need to meet ever more stringent requirements in comfort, safety, aesthetic style and technical possibilities. Yet, responsible production and higher sustainability standards also play their part in market demand standards. Our extensive RelcaSil™ range of building blocks not only meets these requirements, but surpasses them, enabling car manufacturers to create exactly the elastomer coating products they require.

Resins, additives and properties designed for automotive performance

Selectively designing the resins, additives and functional properties for the coating of a unique material like EPDM requires years of experience, application expertise and products that meet or even exceed expectations. Our exceptionally versatile RelcaSil™ range of modular building blocks for coating solutions is responsibly produced and developed in close cooperation with partners and customers. It meets the most stringent requirements and supports the automotive market with innovative solutions that really make a difference. Quite unique is the RelcaSil™ hybrid, which combines solvent resistance and durability elements derived from conventional urethane coatings with the noise reducing performance of silicone coatings. The RelcaSil™ hybrid approach also offers a very cost-effective and versatile solution that is always in line with the latest market trends.

Key benefits of our RelcaSil™ coating solutions

RelcaSil™ does not contain any hazardous substances, yet delivers the inventive leading performance the automotive industry demands. Our latest additions within this range are 100% water-based, NMP-free, NEP-free and single component. Through the modular building blocks, RelcaSil™ offers the weatherstrip industry many key benefits, such as reducing the silicone transfer, improving marring resistance and the next generation of sustainable squeak and rattle prevention. RelcaSil™ answers market demands for luxurious haptics, low gloss and excellent noise performance while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint.

Key Benefits

  • Modular building blocks
  • Reduced silicone transfer
  • Improved mar resistance
  • Next generation of more sustainable squeak and itch prevention
  • The latest environmentally conscious chemistry
  • NMP- and NEP-free

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