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Reselling Jordan sneakers is ‘Jaetech’, reselling BTS concert tickets is ‘crime’?

Reselling Jordan sneakers is 'Jaetech', reselling BTS concert tickets is 'crime'?
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The so-called ‘sneaker tech’ has emerged as one of the financial techniques of the MZ generation. It means that new or limited edition sneakers are sold when the sale price rises, that is, they earn profits through ‘resale’.

It is loved by the MZ generation because of its high return on investment. There are many other ways to resell using the difference between supply and demand besides SneakerTech.

Chanel (Shatech) and the watch Rolex (Roletech), which are traded at an asking price of 10 million won, are examples.

As it became difficult to accumulate stable assets due to low interest rates, etc., the resell market has been called an ‘unexpected financial technique’. However, the controversy over whether it is illegal or not and taxation continues over the resell, which sells at a higher price than the regular price.

2 million won in an instant… Profits go entirely to the seller. Not everyone can purchase the ‘limited quantity’ products newly released by the brand.

You must be granted ‘qualification’ to purchase the product. Brands select buyers through a ‘raffle’ or ‘draw’, which randomly draws people to buy a product. Released products are traded through online reset platforms or second-hand trading apps.

The day the product is released, the resell platform becomes busy. Buyers are ‘seeing’ each other about how much to sell, and how much money for sellers to pay. The profits of Resell, so-called ‘Plme (premium)’, can range from tens of thousands of won to as many as millions of won.

Go Ah-young (24 years old, female) also has experience in trading through the Recell platform. After purchasing a limited edition Nike sneaker, he said, “The product I bought is worth 150,000 won,” and said, “I bought it at twice the price of the product.”

Product purchases are also made on a first-come-first-served basis. I participated in the purchase of first-come-first-served sneakers from a clothing brand. See details.

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