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Smart shoes InnoMake: Even the blind can walk like ordinary people – Leather and Footwear News
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Smart shoes InnoMake: Even the blind can walk like ordinary people

Smart shoes InnoMake: Even the blind can walk like ordinary people
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Tech-Innovation, an Austrian startup medical device manufacturer, has been working on technology for people with disabilities for several years. As part of this, they have come up with a special pair of smart shoes; which is effective for both the blind and the visually impaired.

Free movement in public is a challenge for people with disabilities (especially those with visual impairments). Fire hydrants, potholes, high-rise stairs or sunscreens are found on all types of roads. Therefore, a person who is blind and visually impaired naturally has to be extra careful while walking. Known as InnoMake, these smart shoes will make their movement easier and more normal by warning them of such obstacles.

Whatever is in these shoes
InnoMake has a number of special sensors, which alert the blind and visually impaired person about the various obstacles in front of them through acoustic and visual warning signals and vibration response. It also has a built-in battery, a processing unit and a wireless connection. The front of the shoes has a water and dust resistant cover; Which makes it tough and durable in any weather and hostile environment.

Movement of visually impaired people in smart shoes
Tech-Innovation analyzes whether the surrounding area is safe, whether there are any obstacles. To this end they have worked with the Graz University of Technology in Austria to create an advanced algorithm from the information provided by sensors and cameras. InnoMake’s intelligent function automatically activates the sensor when the user is walking, and it stops when the user stops or sits down.

Shoe features
InnoMake has given equal importance to the three issues of efficiency, usability and comfort. It is made of high quality leather, which can be easily repaired if worn or torn. Made for the visually impaired, these smart shoes have no heels. In addition, the electronic device can be easily connected through the metal track inside the shoe. The track is designed in such a way that the user can connect and disconnect the electronic device as per his requirement. Lasts up to a week depending on InnoMake’s battery usage. It is recharged using a USB-C cable. The shoe is suitable for adults and children.

The way smart shoes work
Smart Shoe detects barriers and alerts the user through pre-selected responses. The first warning message is given via haptic or vibration. This vibration is applied directly to the shoe, so that the user can feel any obstacle in front. The second warning message is acoustic feedback; Which is available via Bluetooth-linked smartphones or bone conduction headphones.

Terms of use
Currently InnoMake is only suitable for use on iOS. An additional app is used, which helps disabled users to monitor the device’s battery status and use the shoe search function.

Market price
InnoMake currently has a market cap of USD 3,800. However, the company has plans to market it at a more affordable price.

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