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Sneakers on sale at ’60 times the regular price’ for sale… Fashion or finance: What do you think

Sneakers on sale at '60 times the regular price' for sale... Fashion or finance: What do you think

Nike limited edition sneakers ‘Duncrow Seoul’. 8.5 million won for a pair of Recell platform ‘cream’ sneakers. Nike’s limited edition product ‘Duncrow Seoul’, which was recently posted on a resell (resale) website, is the main character.

This sneaker with the motif of Taegeukgi is made in a combination of red and blue. Unlike other Nike sneakers, the three letters of “Nike” in Korean are clearly engraved on the heel. The ‘tongue’, a shoe with the Taegeukgi on it, is also a feature. This sneaker has not been officially released yet. Even if it is released, no one can buy it.

Nike Korea will select some of those who pre-ordered on the 12th at random so that they can purchase shoes. It means that shoes that have not even appeared on the market have appeared for sale on resale sites. This is the reason why shoes, which were priced at 129,000 won, were raised more than 60 times.

Is it a short sale or a ‘backdoor’? only guesswork

How did Duncrow Seoul, which has not officially started to go on sale, leaked? Sneaker maniacs are arguing in online communities. The first is the assumption that it is a kind of short selling. This means that the seller may have posted a sale article without having the product yet.

There is also a suspicion that the quantity flowed through a ‘backdoor’. Backdoor is a slang term meaning that when limited edition sneakers are put into a store, the store’s employees or officials first steal the quantity and either purchase it or sell it to acquaintances.

You can aim for a profit from the market price because the limited edition sneakers will quickly become more expensive. The recent incident at a Nike store in Busan further fueled these suspicions.

This is because it was revealed that a store employee personally sold the limited edition new sneaker through a resell site. In the end, the store apologized through the social networking service (SNS) on the 2nd, saying, “The employee was suffering from the hardships of living and tried to make a profit.” View more.

Source: Online/SZK

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