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Sports footwear grows 50% in the next decade

Sports footwear grows 50% in the next decade
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Sports footwear continues to grow without stopping and the trend is for growth for the next decade. These are the conclusions of the Athletic Footwear Market report, prepared by Allied Market Research. In 2020, the sneaker industry earned 109,700 million dollars (about 96,500 million euros). By 2030, it is expected to reach 165,000 million dollars (145,200 million euros), an increase of 50.4%.

The type of footwear that will have the greatest development will be running shoes, compared to other types of sneakers, which, although they will also grow, will be on a smaller scale.

For Allied Market Research, the demand for sneakers will increase until 2030, mainly due to the popularization of the practice of sport in everyday life, as well as the democratization of its use in more formal environments. Growth may, however, be lower than expected due to higher raw material and transport costs.

A recent article by GQ Inglesa reports that the sneaker universe is increasingly “vast, comprehensive and full of unexpected appearances”. And the options are getting bigger and bigger. From the famous White sneakers, considered a key piece in any wardrobe, to black sneakers, a new trend that has attracted hundreds of buyers.

In addition, several sportier models are starting to appear that have attracted the attention of customers, ‘walking shoes’ and ‘running shoes’ that, in addition to being used in sports, are used in a daily wardrobe.

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