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That’s why “Leather and Footwear News” appeared at the reader’s door

That's why "Leather and Footwear News" appeared at the reader's door

That’s why “Leather and Footwear News” appeared at the reader’s door

The importance of the leather industry is immense, can’t wait to talk about this. The age of leather industry in Bangladesh is several decades. But the industry has not progressed as expected. There are various reasons behind this. As the main raw material in this industry is Bangladesh’s own, so it has a lot of potential.

The main benefit of the leather industry of Bangladesh is the ample supply of raw materials. The availability of raw materials is the biggest strength of the sector. As Bangladesh’s RMG is going ahead smoothly, so leather industries of Bangladesh will get a plus point in it. When RMG has brought up many leading brands in Bangladesh with their direct presence, they will be very happy to put their own orders of leather products in the same country Bangladesh from where they are sourcing apparels. So the growth of textile and RMG sector is actively helping the growth of leather and allied industries like footwear and other leather goods industry.

That’s why “Leather and Footwear News” appeared at the reader’s door. As a media outlet, “Leather and Footwear News” will always present all the information of the leather sector in the form of news to the readers all over the world.

The monthly magazine called “Leather and Footwear News” consists of news, features / articles, research, science and technology, fashion, interviews, markets, jobs, TV, etc. sections. News from around the world about leather and leather products always will be published in these sections.

This magazine can be a media partner in the market to promote your product, your technology, your organization. So, you are requested to send your news to us about your product, your technology, your organization which you want to share to the Buyers, the Growers, the Vendors, the Entrepreneurs etc. Your news may be articles, brief profiles, your plans, business contracts or whatever you want to publish in the magazine with related more pictures. We will publish it completely in our magazines with free of cost. If you wish, you can take a permanent position in the magazine for a certain period by giving us your product’s advertise at a lower price. As a media partner, you can display our magazine’s name or logo in your promotion or promotional activities. In today’s competitive world, we want to be supportive of your survival challenge in the global market.


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