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The importance of synthetics as an alternative to leather

The importance of synthetics as an alternative to leather

Leather is a widely used material for making clothing, footwear, accessories and home decor items. More than one billion animals are slaughtered every year. To save animals and create a sustainable environment, it is advisable to switch to Eco-friendly and cruelty free skin.

The products such as jackets, coats, pants, shoes, bags, belts, etc. are made from this luxurious skin and universally used by people daily. But, what one forgets is the atrocities the animals face to make these items. Also, it is important to note that such animal cruelty is only done, as there is a huge demand of leather in the global market. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that decrease in leather demand will directly result into decrease in animal cruelty.

Leather industry is also not an Eco-friendly industry. The chemicals used for tanning gives out toxic gases and effluent, which make it a dangerous place for the workers. The modern tanning process use loads of energy, water and chemicals. The processes pollute the land to such an extent that old tanneries land cannot be used for cultivation.

Synthetic leather is a material that is made to look like real leather. Real leather is rather costly to produce, manufacture with, and comes from animals. Synthetic leathers are mostly derived from plastics and polymers. This allows them to be far less expensive, easier to manufacture, and easier to care for than natural leather. Synthetic leather is essentially, a type of plastic fabric.

Synthetic leather also has some qualities of real leather, though few. In general, it will last only a few years, and begin to weaken and crack when used in goods that are exposed to a frequent flexing and bending (an example such as shoes). However, it’s benefits make it quite a popular material choice and a staple in todays marketplace.

There are many benefits of using faux leather and many a times it is a better option than real leather. Firstly, faux leather will cost very less compared to genuine leather. It is affordable and looks just like real leather. Secondly, faux leather is manufactured in factory and the main benefit is animals do not go through any brutality during its production. Therefore, one can enjoy cruelty free leather.

Faux leather materials are low maintenance products unlike leather. They do not fade, crack, become stiff and are usually stain-free. Also, as artificial leather is man-made leather; they are available in range of colors and shades. If one wants to have a uniform look, artificial leather is the best option. All the pieces of a certain product made from artificial leather will look the same which is not the case with genuine leather.

Lastly, faux leather is better than real leather when it comes to manufacturing an item. It is easy to cut and sew faux leather and the stitching is seamless. As faux leather is easy to work with, variety of items can made from it. Moreover, using artificial leather is the best way to support animal rights and avoid environmental impacts. -Editor

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