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The top 10 shoe brands in Asia-Pacific

The top 10 shoe brands in Asia-Pacific
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While the top two brands across Apac won’t surprise you, read this special report to find out how widely brand preference for shoes and sportswear varies from market to market across Apac—and why shoes are like cars for your feet Shoes. They’re like cars, but for your feet.

At least that’s one conclusion you could draw from exploring data about the brand preferences of Apac consumers in the shoe category. Just like in Campaign Asia-Pacific’s recently published list of the top 10 car brands in APAC, the list below has a curious mix of mass-market brands and aspirational luxury brands. In both lists, affordable brands that people might choose for everyday transportation stand right alongside brands that many people can’t afford to step into. Two brands thoroughly dominate the shoe category across the region, and no points for guessing which ones. But digging into the market-by-market data (see below), it’s interesting to note where those two don’t win the race.

Also, in contrast to the top 10 lists in some other categories, the shoe data has a high degree of market-to-market variation. So many markets have their own idiosyncratic faves, in fact, that the list of brands that achieve top 10 status in only one APAC market (see below) is quite extensive. Since shoes and sportswear are closely aligned, this report also includes the top 10 sportswear brands, and digs into the market-by-market variations in that category as well. Find more.

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