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Training system in making leather products

Training system in making leather products
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Educational Qualification: Minimum Class 8, Duration of Course: 1 month, Type of Training: Non-Resident, Course fee (non-refundable): Money as per government decision.

Course Objectives

  1. Youth Knowledge, Skill, Attitude
  2. To turn the unemployed youth into skilled human resources with suitable technical skills suitable for the labor market at home and abroad.
  3. To be acquainted with the modern technology of self-employment / employment suitable garment making in the competitive market in the age of globalization.
  4. To bring positive change in knowledge, skills and attitude among the youth.
  5. To develop self-employment of the youth.
  6. To create opportunities for the participation of the youth in the economic development based on the leather industry.
  7. To meet the demand of skilled workers instead of unskilled workers of the country for economic development and increase of production of leather industry and to earn foreign exchange through employment of foreign youth.
  8. To create leadership qualities among the youth.
  9. To increase the socioeconomic status of the youth.

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