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We want to work with more big brands: Syed Nasim Manzoor

We want to work with more big brands: Syed Nasim Manzoor
Syed Nasim Manzoor, Managing Director, Apex Footwear Limited. Picture: Collected

After graduating from the United States, Syed Nasim Manzoor joined Apex Footwear as a management trainee at the age of 20. Salary five thousand Taka. He started doing everything from buying bricks and sand of Apex Footwear Factory in Shafipur, Gazipur. Gradually turned, took the lead. Syed Nasim Manzur is currently leading Apex Footwear from the front. Although father Syed Manzoor Elahi is a shadow.

Apex Footwear Managing Director Syed Nasim Manzoor spoke on various institutional and family issues at Apex’s Gulshan office on the afternoon of January 15. He said, ‘Minhar in Chittagong used to export footwear sneakers. However, Apex was the first to export leather shoes. At present, those exports have become much stronger. Although the journey was not easy at all. We didn’t know how to make shoes even if we built a modern factory. There was no skilled manpower. However, we have been able to reach today’s position with the help of experienced individuals and organizations from Japan, the United States, Italy and other countries at different times, ”he said.

Syed Nasim Manzur said that he got the education to lead a big organization from his family. He said, ‘As a boy, I want to talk about my mother first. My mother was a fierce patriot. She did not expect that we would leave Bangladesh and stay somewhere else. Repeatedly, you have no role in other countries. Everything in this country. My father is also a great patriot. He always said that if you want to do something, you have to do it in this country. Dad listens to people with his mind. He has great patience. I don’t have that patience. ‘

Asked about future plans, Syed Nasim Manzoor said, “We want to stay in our core business. This is an opportunity to grow your business. We don’t want to do 20-30 companies. We are trying to figure out how to be better as a company. Our focus is on increasing the value of the company. Simply put, we want to work with bigger brands without doubling the factory. ‘

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