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What is leather technology and why do need leather technologist?

What is leather technology and why do need leather technologist?
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Leather Technology is a branch of engineering that deals with the synthesis, production and refining of leather in order to increase its efficiency. It works with synthetic leather synthesis and its efficient use in making commercial products. It is a relatively new branch that is gaining importance in the leather industry.

Leather Technology courses have recently emerged as a lucrative career option. Until a few years ago, those who were in the industry were through experience rather than any formal training. But now most of the leather institutes in different countries are now offering Diploma Courses in design as well as manufacturing and adding more professionalism to the industry. The importance of leather technology is increasing rapidly due to competitive trade in countries rich in leather industry.

The demand for leather goods is increasing day by day and is expected to increase further. As multinational companies spread across the globe, the leather industry continues to evolve into a high-tech industry. From leather shoes and accessories to belts, bags, purses and caps to toys, upholstery, luggage, musical instruments, jackets, garment tags, gift items, etc., a variety of products are being made in this industry. The leather industry is now competing with alternative leather or materials like synthetics and fabrics. There is also a proliferation of technology. The growing use of leather products all over the world has made this sector popular. As a result, young people who are strong in innovation and creativity choose it as their career.

The leather industry is equipped with brilliant career opportunities in both technical and designing fields. Corporates with domestic and foreign multinationals in this industry have made it possible due to the creation of attractive employment. As a career option, one can either adopt designing or get production depending on the technical aspect i.e. interest and trend. In terms of designing, designers around the world have started using leather in their designs and accessories.

On the other hand, after getting the production qualification, one can start working with the leather manufacturing companies. After gaining the necessary experience, one can set up a leather manufacturing unit. Upon successful completion of the course the examinees can find great placements as merchandising executives, fashion designers, painters, fashion coordinators in the apparel, leather and jewelry industries.


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