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Workshop: Product Personalization Technologies

Workshop: Product Personalization Technologies

A search for unique and exclusive products and, more and more, a market trend. Browse the industry with a set of technologies that allows the customization of two products, in order to respond to the specific needs and cost of each client. This will be the subject of the next practical Workshop, promoted by CTCP.

O workshop: Product Personalization Technologies, is scheduled for next September 21st at 2:30 p.m., not CTCP in São João da Madeira and visa for presentation and demonstration of technologies that can be used to personalize your products. In this workshop the participants will be challenged to develop and create their own product, based on their base model and the opportunity to use different technologies such as: UV printing, laser engraving, 3D printing, among others.

Facilitator: Florbela Silva, non-CTCP researcher, trained in the Materiais area. She has dedicated the last years to researching and developing additive manufacturing processes and new materials for the shoe industry.

This workshop is integrated into the Jornadas Indústria 4.0 event. An initiative promoted by CTCP is not part of the FeetIn4.0 project (feetin40.eu) and included, among others, the following activities:

Workshops | face-to-face | CTCP São João da Madeira | 14: 30h

September 14 – 3D Printing (Happened)

Day 21 September – Product Personalization Technologies

Day 28 September – Automação e Robotica

Webinar | online | 16: 00h-18: 00h

Day 30 September – A Industry 4.0 no setor do calçado: next steps

Participation in events is free, but subject to registration. As vagas for the workshops you are present are limited. Inscrições HERE.

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